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"I feel more at peace than I ever have"

These are notes from a client who was once a VERY anxious person.

"I feel so much more powerful and in my body. I feel grateful for that."

Nope she didn’t get here by meditating 🧘🏻‍♀️ or by becoming perfectly f~e~m~i~n~i~n~e.

And the men don’t get here by beating themselves up, doing a silent retreat, or tossing another rage scream into a cavern.

(Tho, they can do whatever they want on their own time, I suppose.)

They get here by hanging out with me, a cool 😎 and very patient fairy who is full of jokes and I guess also a ton of knowledge that is highly scientific and deeply intuitive and cutting edge and esoteric af. (That’s all the things in case you were keeping track….oooh oohh also some of the knowledge is pretty sl*tty. Sorry, not sorry.)


I get feedback like this because I bring people back to center when they need it and teach them how to FINALLY do it on their own.

I bring them to a place where they’re not just putting on a show or shoving it down.

They have really figured it out and they have fun getting there.

And a wild thing they all had in common at the start?

Frantic or deflated messages that said, “OK, I know how I’m supposed to be BUT HOW DO I GET THERE??”

They all brought me the anxious HOW HOW HOW? WHY WHY WHY???

That I bet many of you are feeling now. (It happens!)

But the other fun thing they have in common is that this is how they sound now instead:

“I’m not having any of the terrible body feelings I normally do. Not the wretched feeling in the pit of my stomach and I’m not even pissed off.”

“This experience was even more confirmation for me of where I’m at and my confidence and power, especially after our last session.”

“I feel so much more powerful and in my body. I’m grateful for that.”

These are people who USED TO describe themselves as anxious personalities.

Not anymore.

So what do you think? Are you done asking “how” yet? Are you ready to just feel it and be it and do it?

I’ll be over here, IDK, probably knitting or something while you think about it.

See you soon. Xoxo

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