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About Me & FAQ

Hi! I'm Veronica (aka Indelicate Coaching) and I'm a little bit magic.

In sessions, I go deep into emotional experiences to help single folks and couples heal clunky patterns so they can have more fun and understanding in their sex and relationships. We do more than talk about how your mind and body deals with intimacy, we rewire and reframe for lasting success. Long story short, I'm like a harp player if the strings are your subconscious and the notes are the intricate details of your relationships.

Outside of sessions, I'm hiding in a corner or under the kitchen counter and giggling until somebody finds me. Otherwise, I'm chatting with clients through their SOS moments and celebrations while I look out my window for eagles and whales. Yes, I'm aware that I am precious, but thank you for saying so.


What is your background? 

I've learned so much on my own road to reclaiming pleasure and sensuality after major life transitions, breakups, burnout from a fast-paced career, chronic illness, and a herpes diagnosis. As my adult relationships grow deeper, I am also learning how much I must reprogram my own nervous system and conscious and unconscious beliefs to be able to hold the sweetness, triggers, collaboration, BIG energy, and conflict that comes along with true partnership.

Before following my dream of becoming an anxiety whisperer and intimacy healer, I had a 10+ year career in public service and social justice. My work is holistic, culturally competent, inclusive of many lifestyles, and, yes, a little magical.

In addition to my degrees in Psychology with a minor in Sociology and a Masters in Public Management, I have trained with the Somatica Institute and a very humorous Universe.

I'm a Scorpio moon, cat mom, and a stone cold fox. PNW is home.​

Who are your clients?


My clients are singles and partners who...

Want to date better and embody secure attachment...

Desire deeper understanding and conscious connection....

Are ready to heal trauma, subconscious patterns, and anxiety....

Wish to unlock their inner magnetism and powerful sensuality....
Seek support as they experiment with new desires, techniques, and dynamics...

Need to reclaim their body and identity after loss, parenthood, or illness...

Struggle with emotional or physical challenges with sexuality...

(For video testimonials from real clients, go to here and scroll down to the 'High Praise' section)

Equally comfortable with science and spirituality,

I distill complex concepts into

digestible and powerful guidance that anyone

at any experience level can understand

Untitled design_edited.jpg

There are no stuffy lessons for you to process in my sessions. I’m blending all that I know about intimacy into something you can actually use right now.


You will come away from every session energized, more comfortable in your body, and with actionable feedback.


How is this different from traditional therapy?

We will do lots of talking, but less storytelling and venting than you might do in talk therapy. Storytelling and analyzing keeps you in your head. If simply discussing our problems could heal us, we'd all be fixed by now. As emotions emerge in our discussion, I will teach you how to really feel them right there in the moment and may also connect to blocks or patterns on a subconscious and nervous system level so they can be healed, released, and reframed.

The boundaries of the discussions that happen in this practice are also different and better suited to healing relationship dynamics because these sessions are more personal and embodiment focused than traditional talk therapy. I will teach you the subtle art of noticing the language of your body when you are in intimate connection. 

In this process, you will improve your relationships and enhance your capacity for pleasure and big feelings, find true safety in your body, learn how your body communicates with your mind, and grow more awareness and depth in connection. You will also find that you are less anxious and stressed in your day-to-day life.

What happens in a session?


As a baseline, I will ask you (minimal) questions to understand your relational history or offer you the chance to bring up a challenge or desire for the session. There will always be some light embodiment work which includes small movements and reminders to breathe and feel what is coming up in your body as you speak.


For partners, you will be invited to notice not only your own body and energy but your partner's as well as I help you communicate in increasingly vulnerable, clear, courageous, and sexy ways. You will love deeper and get out of conflict faster as you finally understand all of the unspoken energy and feelings between you.


When stubborn blocks, doubts, and patterns emerge, I will guide you into a conversation with your sensations and conflicting or confusing feelings. In these moments we are likely to get messages from younger, frightened, or even wiser versions of you. We may uncover hidden memories. You might totally crack yourself up or get really inspired by a deep well of love or spirituality you didn't know was there. If that sounds hard to imagine, don't worry, I'm a great driver. All you have to do is be there. These moments are a bit like hypnosis except you get to stay fully conscious and participate! Getting this deep is easier than you might guess, but we will never force it.


This method can bring up a range of excitement, grief, euphoria, physical sensations of relief, and perhaps trauma. I will hold you through all of it and will land the spaceship as softly, and with as much good humor, as possible. The great news is that making contact with the conflict underneath your intellectual understanding of yourself can actually begin the process of eliminating a pattern or limiting belief. That's what transformative means, you will move the ball forward every time.

What methods do you use?

My work is based on many methods including the Somatica Method which teaches empathy and connection through experiential relationship coaching. I also work with principles of Transformational and Transpersonal coaching derived from the Hakomi Method and Somatic Internal Family Systems or 'Parts Work', among others. Above all else, my practice emphasizes body-mind integration, nervous system healing, and building an authentic connection with each client.

As an aside, if you're dealing with complex trauma, anxiety, or maybe you're a classic perfectionist who has talked circles around every therapist you've ever met...maybe you haven't gotten to your desired results or have gotten referred out by lots of practitioners. I want you to know that I don't do that. My method emphasizes repair, growth, and our connection. You're not a problem to be solved, you're a person who needs to feel understood even beyond your most skillful attempts to guard yourself. Our mutual commitment to each other and the work we agree to do will bring real results.

What does experiential mean?

Experiential means going beyond theories and advice. We make the abstract real. You will find out first hand what my clients mean when they say this work feels like magic as you learn to feel and manage emotions in the moment. You will practice real-life strategies to cope with relationship anxiety, survive conflict, and stop patterns in their tracks.


Experiential also means that I am not merely a bystander or critic. I will bring my own energy to our sessions and tell you when I feel lit up, empowered, or inspired by you and kindly redirect you when your energy feels challenging or closed off so you will know how to better give and receive love.

Do we ever meet in person?

All of my sessions are online and they are highly effective and fun that way.
I occasionally arrange in-person sessions in the West Seattle area with established clients and am available for day-long intensives by request.

What if I'm already super experienced in sex and relationships? Or what if I'm Not experienced enough?

All lifestyles and cultural backgrounds are welcome here. 

I have personal and professional experience with all types of relationships from vanilla to kinky, and monogamous to non-monogamous. The underlying issues for most folks are the same regardless of your outward expression.

We will always consider your unique lived experience and systemic oppression as a factor in your experience.

With me, you will work on trust, boundaries, secure attachment, resilience, subconscious patterns, how to better give and receive pleasure, and how to talk about it. I can also help with longstanding resentment, guilt, and body issues.


I like Your Feet. Can I email you to tell you about it?

Nah, bro. No thanks! That's not what this is.

Please note that while I am an expert in relationships and sexuality, all sessions are fully clothed and that client and coach will never date or have sex and I'd really rather not receive flirty comments from strangers.***

What Coaching Packages Do You Offer?


Take a peek at the Intimacy Immersion for my signature transformation or browse my self-paced courses and guides. You will see that I work with both singles and partnered folks of all genders. Keep an eye out for offers and packages as they are announced by following me on social media or my email list.


What if I feel scared to spend the money or get started?

This applies to working with me AND to relationships in general:

Making a financial and personal leap can feel really exciting and also overwhelming at the same time.

You might be worried or experiencing doubt. That voice can be really loud sometimes. Notice your thoughts and the sensations in your body. Take your time getting comfortable with the idea of stepping outside of your comfort zone.

You might never be all the way ready, but you're welcome to pause to check in with yourself before committing. Remember that something brought you here to me. Something that you've wanted for a long time. Feel how that lands in your system and go from there.


No matter what, this work will change you.


You may not be able to see it now or maybe you're holding very tightly to a specific goal and afraid that you won’t get it. I can guarantee that you will grow in my Somatic Intimacy Training and that you will level up in many aspects of your life, not just in romance. I am very skilled at balancing what you need with what you desire and will help you pursue both in a safe and methodical way.

I won't make it my job to convince you, but I welcome you to share with me what is holding you back.

Remember, you can message me with questions, attend a Q&A, or go all out and try a session! I welcome you to get comfy with me before you commit. 

So much love and see you soon, Veronica


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