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Love Like No Other

Six-Month Immersion for Individuals or Couples

Reframe anxious thinking...

Reignite your flame...

Completely reset your relationship to love.

You dream of passion, team work, laughter, and a peaceful mind.

You secretly, or not so secretly, know that magic-level love is possible but you probably didn't learn much about how to nurture and maintain thriving intimacy from family, school, or from the preacher who married you (bless their hearts), and what you did pick up (lots of shame, protective mechanisms, funky communication, cultural BS, and bad habits) isn't creating the kind of connection you desire.

Whether you're solo, coupled up, or a fellow above-average healer ready for new heights of intimacy...this is where you ditch the mainstream advice that has you stuck, stop overthinking your love like a chess game, learn to express yourself without unravelling or fearing the worst, embrace your God-Given Erotic Life Force Energy, and start having smoother communication RIGHT NOW.

I no longer dismiss fantasy-level love.

Instead, I have made it my purpose
to discover and teach a rare skillset that makes it possible.

Your Dream of Next-Level Passion and Depth is a

Vision that Can Absolutely be Made Real

I'm not here to teach you how to settle or follow a bunch of rules. 


Through a masterful weaving of embodiment and expert relationship guidance, I reveal the secrets of true intimacy.

Those secrets include a regulated nervous system and some not-so-basic insights into what's really going on inside of you and your relationship dynamics.

We won't stop at romance...


As these mysteries click for you and become your new reality, you will also find improvement in your overall wellbeing.

...Stay for Drastically Reduced Anxiety

and Drama In Your Every Day Life.


My specialized relationship training and somatic approach will help you talk about and feel your challenges in a way that will gently get to the root of your emotions, get you unstuck from the hamster wheel of your overthinking mind, and regulate your nervous system better and faster than other methods that emphasize analysis.

This year you will...

  • Discover true emotional availability

  • Drop petty habits like blame, passive aggression, and name calling

  • Quiet overthinking and find more pleasure in the moment

  • Calibrate your nervous system to be calm and capable of change

  • Flirt and laugh your way through sticky moments

  • Understand your partner even more than you thought possible

You're longing to...​​Be seen and appreciated​...Stop repeating the same fights​...End self sabotage and old doubts...Release anxiety, drama, and trauma​...Reject stale routines and unleash your desires​...Receive love and pleasure freely​...Feel powerful and radiant in your body

Love, Not Lectures...
Connect More by Saying LESS and
Crack Wide Open In The Glow Of Being Deliciously Understood...

If you follow most mainstream advice you've probably spent quite a bit of time and energy talking AT your partner or picking apart their behaviors and your own....You might have even started to diagnose your problems like a detective or a doctor on a mission...Not only does this NOT work, it totally drains the life out of your connection.

Here, we focus most of all on your humanity and the love that brings you together as you learn how to move away from the lectures and analysis.

If intellectualizing problems and talking about them over and over worked, we'd all be fixed by now.

Hey Babe.

As we grow, we pick up strategies like perfectionism, people pleasing, procrastinating, bottling up emotions, and compulsive behaviors to help us feel love and avoid discomfort. Intellectualizing or thinking about these strategies can only get us so far.


Talking in circles, debating, or venting can make us feel like we're accomplishing something, but after we're done, we revert back to the same frustration, confusion, and behaviors because ranting or repeating ourselves isn't helping to move the tension we feel inside.

When you're overthinking, shutting down, nitpicking, talking your friend's ears off, scrambling to stay busy, resisting pleasure, lashing out, bingeing, or running from affection, those are all signs that your systems are overwhelmed and that the stories of your mind and the feelings in your body are out of balance.

Here, you will learn that you are not your patterns, perfectionism is not a personality, attachment style is not an identity, and anxiety is not who you are.

There is no label that could capture your multitudes honey.

Relish, Ravish, and Revel

...Don't Resist...

Your transformation truly begins when you drop out of your mind and learn to decode the secret language of your body and commune with all of your sensations with reverence.

There, you can directly experience the ups and downs of your thoughts and desires, embrace erotic nature of grief, open to the sacred fire of rage, celebrate the rite 
of unabashed joy, and explore all of the so-called taboos of expression.

No feeling is better than another. Learn to befriend them all and be free. (There is truly no DEEP love or sex without the practice of meeting your full spectrum.)

Allow Me to  Skillfully Lead You Through Your

Growth Edges as we Embrace Both Dark and Light


Heal shame and old hurts so they stop running the show


You can meet your past, future, and shadow selves while staying safely rooted in today. Many people will hesitate to engage in this level of rebirth and revelation for fear of getting lost in the weeds or stuck in an emotional process you can't get out of.

You will have a master shepherdess on your side."In this moment of awakening, I've crossed many humans who are doing their own admirable unlearning... but very few (I mean very few) are fortified enough to light a flame in my moments of darkness as you have... very few have polished their own vessel wisely enough to reflect pure light back at me when I need it the most."


Get to the Root

Without Getting Lost

or Overwhelmed


Maybe you're afraid of opening a can of worms in your life or relationship. I get it. I have learned through experience how to keep you grounded in the here and now and how to handle unexpected twists and turns that arise through the healing process both individually and between partners. I've got you. This commitment to safely travel through subconscious patterns and unspoken desires informs the structure and pacing of this offer. I have seen this unfolding many times and the path is very much on purpose.

"I Think you're a witch

and I'm here for it." -Claire

Screen Shot 2023-12-23 at 12.37.44 PM.png

"We've done couples therapy with a PhD level psychologist and didn't get to even 10% of what we uncovered with Veronica in three months."


First, you will wake up to and learn how to effectively talk about your feelings and desires beyond complaint and analysis. I know you think you already know how to do this but this is especially for those who have tons of practice already. As you discover both familiar and surprising patterns and protective mechanisms, you soften and open in a new way.​​


People will start to wonder

what's different about you.

Next, you begin to boldly embody the things that you've learned. No more performing or parroting theories about what great intimacy should be like because you're actually living it. Now it's SO MUCH harder for anything or anyone to throw off your vibe.
As partners, you feel clearer about what you are creating and have a rock solid skillset to handle anything. You will find that you get in and out of conflict much faster and with less damage to your union.
You can't imagine ever going back to the old version of you and you won't.

"I learned how to be in my own self energy and not just try to chase or feel other people. I'm becoming more and more confident in what I believe and what is true and feels good for me. I didn't realize how much I questioned my own thoughts, feelings, and desires. It feels really good to be more sure and not expect or need anyone else to change anything."

-Marissa (a total powerhouse, by the way)

These priceless lessons start at day one and deepen with every session, voice memo, video, and *aha* moment of integration...


  • Learn heart-centered conflict and repair

  • Give and surrender to pleasure with ease and passion

  • Feel more trust and freedom in relationship

  • Move away from avoidance and anxiety and toward secure attachment

  • Release outside pressures that are keeping you small

  • Stop worrying about being "too much" or "not enough"

  • Create a sexier environment for hotter and sweeter connection

"I woke up this morning after a conversation with my husband and thought, 'Holy shit. Investing in couples intimacy coaching with Veronica was the best investment we've ever made together.' It was literally the thing that helps me pause and slow down and digest and explain myself with my partner in a way that I never would have otherwise...because I was getting in my own way." -Emily

Your 6 Months of Transformation Includes..

  • 14 Virtual Sessions $4,800

  • 20 Virtual Sessions (recommended for couples) $6,800

Both plans include:

  • Voice and Text support for in-the-moment celebrations, questions, and SOS

  • Unlimited Access to my Video Library of pleasure, seduction, and deep relating

P.S. tax is already included in the prices above. Ya' welcome

P.P.S. Select PayPal at check out to learn if you are eligible for extended payment plans.


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Hi! I'm Veronica!

I'm a Certified Somatic Sex and Relationship Coach

Equally comfortable with science and spirituality, I’m able to distill complex knowledge into something digestible and potent that will be paced to your individual needs and comfort level.

There are no stuffy lessons for you to process in my sessions. I blend all that I’ve learned and all that I intuitively feel into something you can actually use right now. I can feel the things that sometimes even you are not aware of and will help you to uncover those hidden blocks.

You will come away from every session energized and with actionable feedback.

If you’re here, I know that you’re growth-oriented and always seeking answers--whether it’s in the books you’re reading or trying out all sorts of meditation techniques.


As a recovering perfectionist myself and forever healing fanatic, I get you, I know how to help you, and I will deliver radical honesty and unconditional acceptance to you in a way that you will find is simply unrivaled in the ordinary world.


You belong here.

My clients are people and partners of all genders, ages, and lifestyles. Vanilla, Kinky, Never-Been-Kissed, Married and Monogamous, Festival-Hopping-Free-Lovers, and Sunday School Teachers.... you're all welcome here.


What to expect in your Immersion:

In your 1-hour and 15 minute sessions you will experience a combination of verbal coaching, somatic embodiment, and subconscious healing through subtle but powerful exercises. You will be held and led by me every step of the way. At times, you will experience euphoric energy or emotional releases right there in the moment. Other times, the exercises will be woven in so seamlessly to our conversation that you may not even realize how much you're shifting until later when you're seeing the world through new eyes. 


You will have either 2 or 3 virtual sessions a month depending on the package you choose.

For Partners, you decide how to share your sessions. Some sessions will be together and others separate. At times you may also witness your partner in their process by invitation. I will make recommendations for how you use your sessions and welcome your vision as well.



Everyone will experience one or a combination of the following exercises and topics in every session. Some people or couples will spend a lot of time in one area, like Repair for example, while others may travel all around the different types. It varies by individual personality and stage of life. At play in every session: empathy, attunement, breath, and laughter.


Somatic Embodiment - feel the pulse of what's alive right now like jealousy, anxiety, insecurity, numbness, excitement, gratitude, grief, arousal. Work with longstanding trauma or disconnect that lives in your body. You will come away from these sessions relieved and energized.

Parts Work - meet your inner managers and protectors who help you stay safe and sometimes get in your way with habits like perfectionism and procrastination. You will come away from these sessions with the ability to feel when a pattern is bubbling up in the moment.


Parts Work Deep Dive - travel in time to better understand fragmented parts of yourself who have gotten lost or been ignored. You will come away from these sessions unburdened and with a fresh start on at least one of your recurring patterns.

Attachment - embrace your longing for closeness and unpack the ways you resist it with perspective shifts and gentle connection exercises. You will come away from these sessions more calibrated and available for connection.


Repair - learn the steps and principles of collaborative conflict with live intervention. You will come away from these sessions having resolved a spat and with new tools to squash your repeating fights.


Desire and Shadow Work - explore fantasies and needs and how it feels to discuss spicy topics. This includes subconscious or taboo desires that you may not be aware of yet. You don't have to tell anyone about these edgier yearnings, but suddenly so many things will make sense that have never clicked before. You will come away from these sessions lit up and wildly empowered.


Agreements - express your needs and boundaries. You will come away from these sessions with clarity, practice, and a plan.


Brainstorm - review solutions for a sticky situation or a roadblock from anything to a problem at work to a physical challenge in the bedroom. You will come away from these sessions with some ideas and next steps.

Not Therapy:

I'm going to break you free from your script of perfectly crafted explanations for why you are the way you are because that script is keeping you stuck. One thing we will not do is spend your whole sessions venting or explaining yourself.


I know that you might have already read lots of books, spent hours in therapy, or tried to cold plunge and meditate to a higher plane of existence. These sessions will help you integrate all of that into something you can actually use and help you put some of that down if you find that your pursuit of perfection is not actually serving you.

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We need other people to grow in intimacy.


In intimacy, we will be challenged not only by our own defenses, but also by all of the socialization and protective behaviors of our friends, partners, coworkers, families, and neighbors. This requires resilience, practice, and deconditioning.

Relationship and attachment wounds are healed in relationship.


That is why I emphasize connection over what is 'right' or 'wrong' and why my sessions get personal. This means you will learn things about me and hear some of my own stories and experiences and feel my genuine--never clinical--reaction to whatever you share as we both practice vulnerability.

You will learn how to drop the performance, feel less guarded, navigate conflict, be more playful, feel alive in your body, and hold loving and expansive boundaries in a judgement-free zone. "I can share things with Veronica that I would never tell another person, especially a woman, because I'd be afraid of being judged or having the story turned on me." -Nick

Whether you have a partner in the sessions with you or not, your focus on healing yourself will have a ripple effect into your whole community.

More than just a handful of sessions...Only a few folks and couples are in this immersive program at any given time so you can feel my full energy focused on you.

Count on Sustainable Growth

Between Sessions with

Voice Memo and Text Support

Many of my clients have their biggest breakthroughs

between sessions because that is when life happens.


With the Telegram App, you can send a note straight to me

after a bad date, before an important conversation, or to

share your self-love wins right there in the moment!

Learn even more with pleasure workshops and a

whole library of wickedly sharp insights...


When you sign up for this immersion,

you get immediate access to my video workshops

including my Unlocking Pleasure workshop 

for sexy skills that go well beyond the basics.

Open any body to Ultimate Pleasure...

Get more comfortable with your partner's anatomy...

Manage and work through emotional blocks and resentment...


You'll also have instant access to Siren & Sovereign, my cheeky blend of courses to release the patterns of our codependent culture while bringing forth naturally sexy confidence.

Keep up your beautiful progress with an optional

upgrade to a 6-month maintenance plan.

As you expand post-immersion, the real world may uncover new challenges or show you things that you've been avoiding. This is the boss level where all of your skills and values are put to the test and you take the lead in your own life.

You know in your bones what it means to feel calm, alive, and present and feel even more confident with a regular monthly check in for reminders and encouragement. When you realize how capable you are, you comfortably soar into even wilder love and juicier expression.

High Praise

I've learned from my clients what works and how to best structure this program.

Here's what they have to say about the work....


"Our couples sessions with Veronica are better quality and more intimate and experienced than

every certified relationship therapist I have ever been to." -Emily Otto, of Rebelle INC

Check out this video of Emily and her husband, Connor who spent six months with me managing new life, community, and career transitions. This is us casually chatting at the end of my work day (post sauna) and after they had just put their two young children to bed....which is to say there are some swear words and adult content, fyi











They're not the only ones! Scroll down for plenty more...


"I think I'm always surprised when a service actually works well ;). Compared to regular therapy this is much more directed and purposeful, with a clear goal."


"I've been surprised by how “easy” it feels. The work is not easy, but the way Veronica facilitates the sessions is so skillful. I learn so much about interaction and connection in such a short amount of time, every time." Sweet Monica is one of my first clients and generously agreed to share how we've grown together over the years. She is a magical one.

"I’ve been in and out of therapy for many years with many different therapists. Coaching with Veronica has worked better and faster than anything I have tried."



"Before I started working with Veronica I thought of dating like a game--something I could intellectualize. Veronica has shown me how to be authentically myself and how that can foster real, intimate connection. I feel very comfortable with Veronica in a way that I have not experienced with anyone else."

"All of my married friends could use this work."


Claire and John. This couple of cuties first entered my world by watching my Unlocking Pleasure series together. They took notes, watched and rewatched, then jumped on the chance to work together in the Fall of 2022.










In this chat they discuss how this work is different from traditional therapy, share a sweet moment of vulnerability together, and have a lot of giggles that I mostly edited out. Don't worry, some of their teasing made it into the closing of this conversation.


"Veronica was the first person to ever help me understand that my body is mine. [In our couples work] We got more out of our sessions with Veronica than any couples therapy we have had. And in much less time. [In solo coaching] Veronica holds amazing space. She made me feel safe, wanted and appreciated. She validated my feelings and experience deeply." 

"Veronica helped me through the hardest moment of my life. I've had a lot of therapists, but Veronica's coaching is different. It's more intimate (obviously), but really it's about the fact that she is wiser than any therapist I've had. She challenges me, but she also cares about me in a real way. She's patient, she's flirty, and she's firm in her resolve. Perhaps most importantly, she taught me to cry. I can't recommend her enough--though I'm reluctant to because I want to keep her to myself."

"I felt completely at ease. Veronica is engaging, both physically and spiritually, and her energy radiates through the screen."

"I finally plucked up the courage to share my desires and kinks with my partner...and I was met with so much support, encouragement and excitement. So I wanted to say thank you so much for your help - the unlocking pleasure videos, our session[s] and your Instagram posts built up my confidence to be brave and battle through the shame :) I think I was hiding behind 'not knowing' how I could experience more pleasure as it was less vulnerable, but deep down I had the answers all along and just needed to communicate!"

"Veronica has a presence about her that gently invites vulnerability. From the jump I knew I was safe with her. It was easy for me to share aspects of my personal story with Veronica and receive the genuine care and compassion that she was able to offer. She’s someone who contains an abundance of capacity. I felt seen, acknowledged, and understood."



Feeling excited and curious how a session goes? Check out this chat with one of my longtime faves, Tricia. We had this debrief after a session where we addressed some acute feelings of anxiety post birthday bash. Maybe you recognize this young queen of the internet! She is also known online as Safe Slut and is a rising star of the modern sex education world, making destigmatization of STIs and sexual expression fun and cheeky (my kind of woman!).

Lovers, Even the most popular relationship advice won't get you far without a strong core. Come with me to reset your foundation not just now, but for a lifetime.

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