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Breaking Barriers, Healing Hearts

  1. Explore the Language of Your Body: Unveil a fresh and unfiltered understanding of your emotions and sensations, paving the path for heightened pleasure and awareness.

  2. Interrupt Patterns on the Spot: Equip yourself with practical tools to recognize and disrupt detrimental patterns of sabotage and learn to work with the best intentions of your defense mechanisms and inner critic.

  3. Soothe Your Relationship Anxiety: Learn to not just obsess about your relationship struggles and anxiety, but to actually feel and neutralize feelings of fear and doubt.

  4. Discover Unshakable Confidence and True Compassion: Come closer than ever to accepting what is so that you can make room for all that can be. Release the habit of being unnecessarily hard on yourself and those around you.

  5. Co-Create the Love You Deserve: Inspire your partner instead of nagging, shaming, or hiding behind invulnerable therapy-speak. Open your heart to give and receive dreamy, generous love.

Bye Bye, Basic

Fed up with overly clinical, rigid, and downright messy relationship advice all over the Internet, I wrote this book as a beacon of hope for those yearning for a more profound love. You don't need more basic tips and tricks or harsh psychobabble disguised as wisdom, you need a roadmap that gets that intimacy is what happens between the lines.

You heard it here first...

_"Veronica’s wisdom and experience in the realm of embodied intimacy is unparalleled. This book will deepen and broaden your ability to love more, be loved, and work through the patterns that prevent you from experiencing the full potential of your relationships." - Veronica Stevens, Waking Womb

_"Our couples sessions with Veronica are better quality and more intimate and experienced than every certified relationship therapist I have ever been to." -Emily Otto, Rebelle INC

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Your Gateway to Somatic Intimacy

For future and current clients, this book is both a primer for my custom somatic intimacy sessions and a guide to integrating and practicing the wisdom on your own. Use this book to spark something new or continue the progress we've already made together.

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