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Self-Worth, 'Fixing', and Chasing Love...


I can show up for you in every way. I can reassure you at every turn. I can drench you with my love so that you may drown in it….

But I cannot manage your ego or heal all of your hurts.

These words came to me as I moved through a guided journey as divine love. A love that is boundless and unconditional.

And as I felt into this expansive idea of love….I wondered about all of the times I have given my everything….and it wasn’t enough.

When it could not fix them or convince them that they are worthy.

And my intuition swooped in, “there is no amount of unconditional love that will fix someone else, you have not failed.”

Can you, no matter your gender, remember a time when you gave too much, or maybe when you ran away from the efforts of another?

Have you internalized this as failure? Or maybe missed the beauty of what you DID have because it didn’t turn out the way that you hoped?

When we work so hard to rescue, impress, or even hide from our loves, this is more about our own shadow—a drive to confirm a belief about ourselves or fill an emptiness—than it is about love.

And coming back to my opening words, they just may not be ready for the purity and expansiveness of your love.

YOU may not be ready to believe that you are worthy of someone else’s love.

But it is never a failure.

If giving and receiving love—whether giving too much or running for the hills—is a struggle for you, I can help.

Being in my space will challenge you. It will make you a little nervous, and it will make you glow. Your body will acclimate to feeling expansive love and acceptance and the radiance you feel will follow you out into the world.

Conversations with loved ones and even strangers will flow more freely, you’ll be initiating, or maybe even leaning back to lovingly receive for the first time in your life.


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