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Herpes cures are fake, but your sex-positivity doesn't have to be.

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Have you unpacked the stigma you feel around STIs?

Are you prepared to have open saf(er) sex conversations that humanize people with STIs?

If not, your so called sex positivity might need some work.

Alternatively, you might be STI positive and find folks out there in the world who are highly sexual and shameless people...people who spent a year at a nudist organic farm...people are masters of kink and consent...but somehow they don't have those same strong skills and openness when it comes to STIs.

It might make you feel confused and disappointed as a person living with an STI. Remember this -- No pedestals.

Even the most sex positive people might require some education on HSV and other STIs. Often they will be very open to what you have to offer (and yes it's exhausting to have to teach). Other times, they may not be. This is not something that is wrong with you.

Just remember, your version of sex positivity is expansive, open, loving, and accepting. If they don't fit with that you are freed to go forward on your search to find better matches.

I'm here for you, babe

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