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Experiential Somatic Intimacy Coaching is different from traditional therapy in three key ways

As a former appointee of a Presidential Administration, I'm no stranger to the burnout and disconnection that comes from our fast-paced culture. Following the transition in 2017, I slowed down to realize that my nervous system was fried and my relationships were strained.

I spent the following years healing my mind, body, sensuality, and relationships and, as a result, had a major uplevel in my intimate life and a change of heart in my career.

Now, as a Certified Sex & Relationship Coach, I help people of all genders and couples increase their magnetism, come home to their bodies, and explore their steamier side with online sessions and self-paced video workshops.

Most of all, I teach intimacy which means that I help people understand themselves and other people better so they can show up as leaders in love and in life and get more of the connection they desire. Experiential Somatic Intimacy Coaching is different from traditional therapy in three key ways: 1) My coaching is more connective and does not have the same boundaries as therapy. You will get to know me as a person, practice skills with me in what we call the "Relationship Lab", and get real-time, actionable feedback on your presence. (Custom to your comfort-level!) 2) There is less processing and intellectualizing of problems. Yes, we will talk, but there is less of an emphasis on storytelling and venting (if endless processing could heal us, we'd all be fixed by now!). Instead, I teach you how to notice and manage your nervous system responses and interrupt unconscious patterns. 3) I am a specialist in sex and relationships. I've got broad expertise on relational dynamics and all of the things you're afraid to google. I will make it a wholesome experience and I will always tell you a very balanced and direct truth about the things you most want to know. I already have clients all over the US and hope to build a thriving network here in West Seattle and have several online spots open for you now. Follow me, send me a message, or jump right in with a specially priced intro session at $55 for a no-strings opportunity to get a feel for the style and learn how my programs can work for you. See you soon!

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