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"You're The Sex Mother I Never Had"

One of my clients called me this.

The Sx Mother She Never Had.

And it’s not just about the birds and the bees 🐝…

I’m teaching people that they’re worthy of love, how to be vulnerable, that their body is their own.

It feels truer every day because a huge part of this process of learning to *do* intimacy is re-parenting.

In every session we go back to the beginning one way or another.

I get to meet the little boy whose mother could not show herself enough to show you what love looks like and how to be safe in the world.

I get to sit at tea with the perfect little girl who never had the freedom to be wild or make mistakes.

I hold the teenager who had to scream and break things to get anyone to see them.

Do you think you have the courage to love yourself this much? To go on a journey where you visit the younger you and start to shed the layers of shame and patterns you’ve adapted to protect yourself?

Do you think you can let me love so you’re more available to love going forward?

I know you can. Message me for program details for 1:1 or Couples coaching.

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