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You’re not broken.

You can have healthy relationships of all kinds.

I see you....over-identifying with a label, an attachment style, or a diagnosis.

You have been hurt and afraid it will happen again. You’re scared that you’ll hurt someone else.

You are not your mental health struggles nor your trauma.

Those are just pieces of your story and they are manageable and even lovable.

You are not alone.

So many people feel this way and are SO CONVINCED that they cannot have healthy relationships.

But with the right help from a skilled practitioner like me, I do see people make steps toward better connection every day.

People who really thought they were broken or at the end of the road. People who have tried EVERYTHING.

Or, at least, they thought they had tried everything.

What I do is rare. I have very specific skills and very detailed training and I know that it works.

Come try a session and see what I mean.

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