When You're 'Not Ready' for Dating

Am I “ready” to get my heart crushed again? To have rote, dull chats with 2-dimensional app dwellers?


Am I ‘open’ to occasional conversations that could lead to something special?


Are the above phrases actually my current dating profile?


But for serious. What would happen if you swapped out the notion of ‘ready’ for something more fluid like ‘open’?

Open creates more space for possibility.

Where can you allow some stretch on your path? I’m asking myself this question too.

Do it scared, bbs. Do it a little bit annoyed. Throw your tantrum about whatever fear or peeve is holding you back and then just do it anyway.

Whether it’s disclosure or opening the door again to love…

Life is short. See what happens.

Dust yourself off, on to the next one. Or succeed wildly! Truly, who knows!

See you out there, swipers.

*No, I promise this is not what any of my profiles say. But am I tempted…yes.

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