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Your needs and desires are not a problem: But How You Show Up Matters

Your needs and desires are not a problem:

Your urge to text and communicate

Your longing to see someone (no matter how long it's been)

Your desire to be seen and feel hot

Your lusty fantasies and burnings Your need for reassurance

Your craving for comfort or commitment Your yearning for freedom... You might feel edgy or vulnerable (understandable!), but none of these feelings are inherently shameful or problematic.

However, it matters *big time* how you show up. Are you embodying your desires with magnetic, self-assured confidence? Humility?

Are you offering compassion and understanding based on how they actually feel (not based on your anxious assumptions)? Is your communication a good fit for the relationship and context?

Or, are you maybe feeling off-center and wishy washy? Is your energy grabby or entitled?

Are you so thirsty that you've lost track of how you might be coming across? Do your requests feel transactional, impersonal, or demanding?

Are you being passive aggressive or dropping hints? ____ Do people seem inspired to freely give or do they feel obligated and icky?


Hard to tell?


Regulating your own nervous system

Getting clear on your needs and desires Openly asking for what you want and how it works for others

Asking others directly what they want

Training with an intimacy coach (duh)

Schedule and Intro Session now!

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