Your liberation is contagious

Want to know a secret?

Your liberation is contagious.

Whenever I get hung up on (heh) whether I’m delivering results or offering enough complexity in my workshops or 1:1 coaching, I remind myself that I am the medicine.

My pleasure, sensuality, freedom, confidence, messiness, giggles….are all invitations for you to step into the same kind of uninhibited expression.

I see it in my clients every day.

When they’re with me and when they’re out in the world they’re getting bolder, they’re living more aligned lives, their pleasure is becoming less performative and more alive.

They’re getting intimate with their shadows and questioning their challenging attachment behaviors.

And it’s not just me. There’s a chance that YOU are inspiring someone else too.

To me, what I do is wholesome, beautiful, and deeply spiritual but I know that it’s pretty edgy to most.

Have you maybe been thinking of working together but feeling a little unsure?

I’d love to hear what’s holding you back. My goal is to be as accessible as possible while still honoring the work.

If you’re feeling spicy, go ahead and book the discounted intro zoom session. Check my testimonials for confirmation that I am, in fact, very gentle and unapologetically delightful.

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