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Your anxiety, patterns, and block are not who YOU are.

The PART of you that:

Shuts down when you feel discouraged

Spirals when your partner feels far away

Is endlessly critical of yourself and others

Can’t speak up when you’re getting pushed around

Gets the ‘ick’ when people are nice to you

Assumes the worst at all times

Loses it when your partner hurts your feelings

Fixates on flaws and ‘not good enough’

Is just that..a PART of you

The pattern that keeps looping, that you can’t seem to make feel better…The anxiety that feels beyond your control…The urge to run…The dreaded ick…The obsessing with what is wrong…

Can be stopped in it’s tracks.

When seen, heard, and honored, these parts will reveal themselves for what they really are… a hurt and fragmented piece of you that got frozen in time.

Memories and sensations you didn’t know you had will emerge to show you what you need to heal.

Together as skilled practitioner and the brave, adult version of you, we will hold that fragment of you and unburden them.

This is not some generic inner child or shadow work.

It’s surgical (if surgery were expertly gentle).

Mindset work, meditation, and traditional talk therapy are all great tools but they won’t heal the part, they will train it to strive harder and to suppress itself until you can’t tell the difference between you and the pressure anymore.

I can’t unsee what I know about the power of somatics, attachment therapy, and parts work.

I know there is a way to heal these parts for good and I want that for everyone.

I want it for you.

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