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You Don't Need to Be Single To Find Yourself

...and you don't need to be in a relationship to find love.

It seems like people think that intimacy, healing, and happiness are destinations when they are actually a way of being.

You don’t need to break up with someone and go on a slow, heavy journey through the swamps of emotional solitude, nor must you stare into the heavy fog of isolation to get to know yourself.

Honestly, you can learn a lot about yourself right next to someone else.

For instance, in the moment when your partner first pees with the door open.

Your thoughts, feelings in your body, memories of childhood, and *omg* why did no one in your family ever close the GD door, and *ugggh* does that just absolutely bug the hell out of you?

Or maybe you don’t mind. Who knows, this is your psyche, not mine…..I bet you didn’t think that is where I would go with this, but I live to keep you on your precious little toes.

The point is, no matter where you are…Be There.

There are no rules. No requirements.

It might be easier to find yourself without distraction or easier to find intimacy with another person…but there are opportunities in both places.

My personal journey to self-intimacy, though it has occurred mostly in solitude recently, has been majorly catalyzed by the intentional gaze of another, warm and generous hugs that pushed my limits in a good way, and outbursts from lovers that were provoked by attachment wounds.

This is all to say that my 1:1 coaching is for everyone. Wherever you’re at is perfect.

In coaching with me you will:

🌟 learn and work with your attachment style

🌟 practice somatic embodiment exercises

🌟 talk about patterns and blocks

🌟 identify your core desires and love style

🌟 articulate what turns you on and what you like so you can do it for yourself or tell lover(s)

🌟 reclaim your body and sexual identity

3 and 6 months packages available

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