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You Don't Get to be This Emotionally Intelligent or Good At Sex Without Dabbling in the Dark Arts

I said this to a lover recently because—as an Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon—I identify as a lovable menace.

But seriously, the emotional spectrum runs long and deep.

Love and light is just one note. If you want to be able to sing the whole song of intimacy, you need to be fluent in shadows, pain, struggle, and shame.

You must also meet your darkness and your edges. 😈

This is what I mean when I say that my Magnetic program will bring you to a new level of Self Awareness.

Diving into the shadows will not only bring you closer to yourself and others, it will Enhance Your Pleasure.

The secrets to your emotional and seggsual turn ons dwell in your shadows.

Embrace them with me in a weekly 1:1 coaching experience.

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