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You cannot accurately calibrate intimacy when you're overthinking

Ask yourself, “am I thinking for two?”

You can (and I hope you do) have intimacy with yourself by listening to your body, honing your intuition, and honoring your needs.

But if you want intimacy with other people….you have to involve the other people.

Some journaling or practice in the mirror and with your intimacy coach can help a lot to prepare yourself.

Then you must take a leap and actually communicate and connect with others for intimacy to happen.

Wild, right??

You need to see, hear, and feel how they respond.

You need to reflect back to them what you’re sensing and confirm your impressions with them by asking.

You need to practice reading a room and body language and responding in a way that feels good….not just reacting or shutting down as an anxious response to your own thoughts.

This is the benefit of intimacy coaching.

I practice with you and offer authentic, real-time feedback.

I help you check your assumptions and track your thoughts and triggers.

We can see where you’re misreading cues or falling into thought patterns that take you out of the experience.

We will bring you into the present and help your nervous system acclimate to the risky but highly rewarding world of true intimacy.

I’ve once again opened 3 and 6 month programs for folks who are ready to quiet the anxious voices that are running the show and start living.

Get started by trying a no-strings attached intro session now xoxox

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