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You Are So Lovable...That People have Tried Anyway Despite Their Own Limitations

REFRAME: you are not a failure because unavailable people did not choose you.

You are, in fact, so lovable that they simply had to give it a shot despite their limitations and fears.

But you know and they know that you can’t fix or heal anyone else.

And maybe things ended and you feel unlovable or abandoned.

But what if you really could flex your thinking on this?

What if instead of seeing it as a failure, you could see yourself as so impossibly delicious that they simply HAD to be with you for as long they could?

And hey! I know there’s a lot to potentially unpack there! And yeah! I know all about trauma bonds and chaotic life choices, but this isn’t about them or the relationship.

It’s about your sense of worth and whether you’re able to see yourself as so utterly worthy and irresistible.

Because to many, that is exactly what you are.

And the more you can embody that deep, celebratory sense of self worth, the more love you will feel and be be able to give.

And that will make you even more magnetic for love and opportunities.

And, perhaps most importantly, you will feel less compelled to chase or pine after unavailable people.

I’m willing to bet on it, you lovable angel.

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