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Why Men Shut Down.

Feeling exhausted by the not-so-subtle nitpicking of your partner? Or maybe you're just so worn out from having to guess what people want from you or from being strong all the time....

Men especially don't have a lot of practice with feeling without shame. So much so, that a lot of Men don't even realize when their feelings are hurt.

Imagine a world where women openly apologize, say what we mean directly, and become a safe place for our partner's biggest and truest emotions...mmmmmmmm

Guys, my work helps you access the hurt that you've swallowed and to stop it from unconsciously leaking out in unhelpful ways that keep you shut down. Then I show you how to lean into your natural energy without feeling like you're too much or too aggressive, and speak up for yourself with lovingly firm boundaries that serve both you AND your partners.

And Women...I teach you that Men may stay in a relationship, but their hearts won't be totally open if trust has been eroded from regular passive aggressive communication and subtle emotional manipulation.

That's why so many men seem only halfway invested and maybe why he's not being the sweet and playful guy you once knew. They feel resentful and like it's impossible to make you happy.

This is why I work with Intimacy--the subtle energetics and skills that happen between the lines. Intimacy is where the magic happens....or where everything can go horribly wrong if ignored.

My 1:1 Somatic Intimacy Training for all genders and couples will help you to catch yourself in your patterns and to courageously step into a new paradigm of conscious loving relationships with confidence that you didn't even know was possible.

You can get started as early as this month with a $55 intro session (an amazing deal!) or just message me to enroll in a 3 or 6 month vortex of unparalleled relational healing and skill building. Click the homepage for the button to book instantly or explore the coaching section of this site to read more.

See you soon!

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