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Where I'm hiding from deeper intimacy...

I’m guilty.

Guilty of holding back and keeping my most tender self a secret.

In my downturned glances and with a clench of my jaw, I stop myself from piercing others with my gaze or saying whatever silly, flippant, sacrilege, thirsty thing that wants to pop out of my mouth.

What if I say the wrong thing?

What if it’s too much?

What if they don’t love me like I think they do?


I know you do this too and I know this is why we stay stuck in loops of drama and scarcity.

Are they giving us crumbs or do we simply not know how to eat the whole cake?

Maybe it’s both, but let me tell you, I take most complaints about relationships with a whole spoonful of salt because I see you hiding.

Maybe you want me or your friends to hear what a jerk or a clueless clown your partner is, but baby, all I see here is how you are getting SO CLOSE to naming your actual desires without ever actually owning them.

I see how you’re disappointed (how I am too) and I see that you’re the only one (and me too) who can really shift that for yourself. Prince Charming and Princess Peach are not coming. 🫠

This is how I support you.

I show you what I’ve learned about overcoming this barrier to love and how I cope with each new higher level of intensity.

I will help you learn the language of your body and unburden old blocks that are cutting you off from the warmth and empowered relating that you deserve.

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