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What is Intimacy Anyway?

Intimacy is what happens between the lines....

It is a wordless but felt sense of closeness

It is a vibe It is energy It is subtext It is deep understanding It is masterfully attuned empathy and touch ....and, honestly, it can be really mysterious and is rarely taught. Not only do I teach you how to do it, I embody it and DRENCH you in it. You get to feel what it is really like to be completely understood, accepted, and genuinely enjoyed as your authentic self. In my 'Relationship Lab', you get the gift of receiving deliciously calibrated, heart-centered, courageous intimacy while learning how to make other people feel just as seen and loved. Because of the powerful nature of my sessions, you will start to feel results and implement them in the real world right away. Each week you'll get to share your stories of growth and get feedback and guidance to help you build on your progress. Our work together will be a highly dynamic and custom process.... By 3 Months you'll be operating with next-level awareness and sexy skills. By 6 Months you'll start to embody and activate all that you have learned with head-turning confidence and the natural magnetism that you were born to share. Sounds meant to be, right? Get started as soon as this month by sending me a message or by signing up for a $55 intro session (buttons to instantly book are on the homepage!). I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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