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What I really hear when you call someone a narcissist…

What I really hear when you call someone a narcissist…

(The following is said with love)

“I'm deeply hurt and don't yet have the words to express it"

“I'm seeking support and permission to distance myself from this person"

“If this person is bad, then I'm allowed to have strong feelings about them"

“I feel ashamed that I participated in a situation that felt bad to me"

“I struggle with self-worth and boundaries and feel taken advantage of"

“I've been seriously let down, and not for the first time"

“I'm learning to see patterns and stand up for myself"

“I feel very confronted by conflict or uncertainty and need an escape"


This is not to deny that the person or situation hurt you very deeply. I believe that they did.

However, I want to hear you express how you feel and what's coming up for you—not what you think about the other person.

When you label someone else, you label yourself as a victim. You are so much more than that!

Let's really get to the root of how you're feeling and what you need to thrive.

Let's acknowledge that you may have felt powerless for a time but survived a tough situation.

Let's celebrate that you're doing your best and learning.

Let's practice saying and OWNING what you really feel.

Love you xoxo

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