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What I'm gonna do to you...

Do you like it when I’m in charge?

When I make you stop ✋ and take a breath… 👄 … so you can pause and be fully present?

I know how much you love to tell your stories and get caught up in the narrative. 🌪

You’re so cute when you overthink.

Look at you, all tied up in knots…lost in the details of who said what.

But it’s time to relax. No more talking. Just feeling.

And if you forget to quiet down and you start your chattering again….I will not hesitate to remind you. 😈

Just surrender to the experience and allow me to lovingly and firmly nurture you through the somatic emotional healing you desperately need.

My sessions are not the place to talk your face off. They’re the place where you go to finally start healing your shit and where you get to be turned on while you do it.

Are you ready? Try a no strings intro session, asap.

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