Too Much Self Reliance Blocks Intimacy

Anybody else self-reliant to a fault?

I’ve been having a rough day today and my avoidant tendencies tell me that nobody wants to hear about that. My Codependent, caretaker urges tell me that I should just give more and never take.

But I reach out…and make very public reels about my challenging thoughts because my patterns and feelings don’t get to run the show.

And for what it’s worth, this lil video was so fun to make but I usually would not label myself or anyone as a particular attachment style or pattern.

Attachment is learned in a complex world over time and from many caretakers and significant experiences.

I believe that we all sit on a spectrum of anxiousness and avoidance and that different situations will trigger different responses.

You are NOT “anxious” or “avoidant” or "codependent" but maybe some of your behaviors, patterns, and impulses are.

Wish you had a deeper understanding of those patterns? I love helping folks unpack all the ways we protect ourselves and maybe block intimacy in the process.

Everything about you makes so much sense! I want to help you see that through inner child exploration and an intimacy inventory of all of your experiences in love.

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