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To be seen is erotic.

To be seen is erotic.

To know that you are seen for your whole self as you really are.

To be radically witnessed in your grace, skills, creative flow, potential, and fullest expression.

To have curious eyes on you as you move through a room.

To feel the hungry, devotional gaze of your lover(s).

One of my Core Desires is to feel seen and understood and I LOVE to help others feel this way too.

This desire, along with my Core Value of Authenticity, led me to the Somatica method for my training as a S*x and Relationship Coach.

The Somatica method teaches a uniquely embodied empathy and attunement that allows a client to feel truly seen in a way that feels almost like magic. I regularly experience people crying on the spot as they realize they are so deeply understood that they can completely relax. The relief is real.

We also have exercises for showing presence, holding, and, yes, desire.

On top of all of that, we add de-shamifying and celebration. This essential combination underlying every session means that my clients frequently share that they've never felt so seen or understood before. I offer these skills and I also teach them to the client for use in their personal relationships.

And it's ultimately SO pleasurable for me too.

I feel the pleasure of holding this space...of feeling seen as a great coach...of sensing your relaxation and erotic energy in my body...and knowing that we are going through this radical witnessing together as I grow more into my own sensuality every day.

To get to see you is a gift. To teach you how to see me and your loved ones is a gift.

If I haven't met you yet, I'm looking forward to it. And to all of my past and current clients, I'm so glad that you're here!

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