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To be in your Sensuality and Flow...You Must Let Go...and for both you Need Safety

Want to be in your pleasure? Radiant? Unbothered? Jiggling down the street, flauntin’ it if ya got it?

(You know you got it 💃🏻)

First you need to feel safe. This is why I dedicated an entire module in my workshop *Unlocking Pleasure* to Safety and Boundaries.

To really let go, you have to know in your body, heart, mind, and soul that you are safe to express yourself, that you are not under threat, and that you are loved.

This is true whether it’s walking down the street or in the embrace of your lover.

The safety must first come from you and the way to create this safety is by creating structure.

Simple example: if you just want to vibe and follow your inspiration for an afternoon, you probably want to set a timer or alarm for when it’s time to transition to other things (like taking dinner out of the oven or picking up your kids).

Think about this like the watched pot that never boils. Or how hard it can be to relax when you’re not sure how much time you have before meeting someone. Let structure be your guide. Trust it and let it hold you.

Similarly for sensuality, you must create spaces that are soft, juicy, and sacred. You must also choose partners who respect your need for safety and work with you to enhance and create a safe environment.

This is how we access everything from small moments of joy to the most intense org*smic states.

Unlocking Pleasure is a self-paced video training with 6 Core modules, lots of bonuses, and it's all yours on your own time with unlimited access.

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