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Three Underrated Luxuries of Secure (and SEXY!) Love

Three Underrated Luxuries of Secure Love:

💕 Not thinking about your partner or relationship.

You’re not worrying about what they are doing or needing from you because you’re genuinely feeling peaceful and having a good time on your own. You might have even forgotten about them for moment! (This is the true dream of anxious and overthinking lovers everywhere!)

💕 Being annoyed with your partner.

Think about it, being annoyed is a natural part of being around another person all the time. If you feel safe enough to be a little cranky and to even let them know (respectfully, bonus points for humor), without worrying about what it MEANS or that it will set them off, this is GREAT NEWS.

If you got annoyed today and it was FINE, congratulations!

💕 Being a little weird.

Maybe you wanna commune with nature and do a full feminine embodiment exercise (or your Super Manly Breath Work and Chest Beating Practice) right in their line of sight. Maybe you’re being freely silly AND exploring yourself and your depths with them as a witness. Talk about bold and vulnerable! Phew!

If you're not here yet, and these things feel far away, know that they are TOTALLY possible for you with the right help. We can meet your anxiety and overthinking with compassion and start redirecting that energy as early as your first session. You do not have to stay stuck in perfectionism, people pleasing, obsessing, or the looping thoughts of Relationship OCD.

We can also start to unpack all of your conscious and unconscious judgements you have about emotions. Be honest, you have totally judged yourself or your partner for having bad days or have struggled to not chase them down the rabbit hole of their trigger or bad mood. Let's meet the parts of you that struggle to stay grounded and open-minded in the face of challenges and BIG feelings and help train you to keep your center and joy, even when things are tough.

Finally, we will also reveal who you actually are. We will met your true, fully expressed and embodied SELF. Who are you when you're not obsessed about what could go wrong or hung up on the imperfections or uncertainties of Life and Love? How does your energy feel when you're simply not worried. Same for your relationship...if you partnership has its very own SOUL and VIBE, how does it feel when everything is aligned and flowing? We're gonna find out!

P.S. Can you think of any other Low Key Luxuries of relaxing into Love? 💗

P.P.S. What would it mean to you to simple BE in love without constantly thinking about it?

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