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There is No Right Thing To Do: Only What Feels Right

There’s a lot of advice and ‘shoulds’ out there.

The choices that you make matter, but they are just that—your choices.

You could decide that you are going to break up with someone because an Instagram post somewhere said you shouldn’t accept anything less than what you deserve.

But if you’re just doing it, or worse shaming yourself for not doing it, because of some advice or some ‘should’ you pick up out in the ether….is that really growth?

I’m not saying to keep making choices or taking actions that hurt you, but what I am saying is that the better you understand the feelings behind your desires and the reasons for why you want to make a change….it’s more likely that the change will stick.

Do things because they resonate for you and because you’re ready. Not because of pressure to act or be seen a certain way.

And maybe you do want to make a change in the long term and big picture sense but you’re not quite ready to stop doing what you’re doing or you’re not sure how. That’s why we get help.

Growth mostly doesn’t happen over night. Be easy on yourselves and maybe love the little part of you that wants to be a little messy on your way to figuring things out. I sure do.

xoxo, my sweet, messy dumplings.

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