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The Way That Healers Show Up with People with Stigmatized Conditions Matters

Something I hear a lot is that folks go to healthcare providers for support around their STI symptoms/diagnosis and end up feeling shamed, belittled, and confused.

You would think that providers would be more sensitive and knowledgeable, but it’s often not the case.

That is why I wanted my first guest spot hosting with @positive_results_community to be about the experiences we’ve had with healthcare providers (whether uncomfy or amazing!).

It’s also why I wrote a very digestible but also very detailed guide for anyone supporting folks living with herpes. Doctors, nurses, therapists, teachers, sex coaches—this is for you!

It’s also a pretty damn comprehensive guide to life with herpes—if I do say so myself.

The emphasis of the guide is the interpersonal perspective and it also features quite a bit of the basics for anyone who is new to the subject.

But it goes beyond herpes. It’s about de-shamifying, checking biases, and resisting the impulse to problem solve without the proper tools.

Concepts that are applicable to working with ANYBODY with a stigmatized or chronic condition or maybe even someone who is just going through a hard time.

FYI, my guide for practitioners is for sale on Etsy for $25.

Even if you don’t feel like you need the guide for yourself, think of the providers in your life who might be interested in this perspective.

We’re shaking up the status quo one click at a time.

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