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Sometimes That Confused Feeling Is You Confronting a Growing Edge

The energy of this week has been funky. I’ve seen it on others and also felt it myself.

Yet, somehow I just know the challenge is a sign of growth and not actual chaos or a reason to despair.

I’ve been here before and I bet you have too.


Altitude Sickness… 🏔️ 🏔️


Sometimes that disoriented feeling is the sensation of meeting a growing edge and the death of your old self.

I recently saw some old acquaintances and they mentioned how I glow now. But before I could glow, I had to grow. I got sick. I struggled against things real and imagined. I made things harder than they needed to be. I grieved my old life. I saw wild visions of parts of my ego dying beside me in a field because why not be colorful about it?

Now I witness beautiful souls in the same spin on a regular basis. What feels to them like drowning looks more to me like altitude sickness. As they grow and ascend into the next version of themselves, they get dizzy. They fight the discomfort but I think they also know they're on their way up.

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