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So many masculine people worry that their energy is harmful

Regardless of your socialized or lived gender experience, you have likely internalized the idea that men are dangerous.

That their sexual energy is too much.

And now so many masculine folks are over correcting.

For fear of being toxic.

For fear of causing harm or being scary.

Because they want us to feel respected.

But action from fear comes across as inauthentic and so what we have is just the collective frustration of not getting what we want.

Not feeling the heat we crave.

Shunning our own masculine energy within ourselves.

Sometimes being unclear, indirect, confusing, or even unintentionally rude.

Because we’re not in integrity with our masculine energy.

We’re not connecting to the erotic energy in our bodies.

We’re stuck in our minds and then maybe a little messy, leaky, or shut down in our urges.

So how do we fix that?

First we have to address the shame.

We must honor the masculine within us (all of us have this energy).

And we need repeated nervous system exposure to the situations that feel edgy for us.

Whether that’s dating, talking to someone new, initiating, flirting, escalating intimate activity, handling rejection, or tapping into that dark masculine energy that wants to ravish your partner(s).

That’s some of my favorite space to hold.

I know it’s scary. Or it must be because so many men who reach out to me seem to have some hesitance around trying an actual session.

So, as always, here’s my invitation to you to schedule a first-time session and check it out for yourself.

Come flirt and be silly with me. Let me witness you and offer you practical feedback.

Bathe in my healing feminine energy.

And if you need some more reassurance, pop into the DMs and I’ll give you a pep talk.

Working with men is my favorite and I’m hoping you’ll do me the favor of being brave and reaching out 😘

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