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Remember how it feels to be sexy...

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

SIREN + SOVEREIGN is a video workshop for women that will help you create epic sex and relationships by breaking out of the super common passive aggressive and codependent patterns of our culture while learning or remembering how it feels to really be alive and sexy in your own body. In this workshop you will: Friends, what I love about this course is how it all flows together. It starts with heavy hitting emotional integrity content to help you get unstuck...picks up into embodied seduction...and then we're putting devotion into action using your spicy techniques and the foundation of emotional strength you learned along the way. SIREN & SOVEREIGN video workshop costs less than a 1:1

session with me and it has all of this: Unpacking codependency Checking your communication patterns Reflecting and processing blocks with men Naming the real meaning of emotional availability Activating and energizing breath work Embodied seduction exercises Connecting to your longing (no more shame) Real techniques for pen!s pleasure How to hold each other through the hard stuff With bonuses like: Tracking your cycle and your sexuality A new perspective on consent Fun and sexy playlists Resources for further research...and more! The video content is self-paced so you get to be as saucy or silly as you wanna be in the privacy of your own sacred space. I'm so excited to have your energy in the course and look forward to meeting you if it's our first time! -Veronica aka Indelicate Coaching

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