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SIREN + SOVEREIGN is a video workshop for women that will help you create epic sex and relationships by breaking out of the super common passive aggressive and codependent patterns of our culture while remembering how it feels to really be alive and sexy in your own body.

Interrupt conflict before it begins

Heal Your Relationships with Men

Practice Hot and Holy Devotion without shame or Co-Dependence



....So you can show up as the true match for the Conscious Partner you long to meet and be prepared to reach the heights of sacred love when the right ones come along.

Siren & Sovereign

Video Workshop

Yours for 6 Months

Binge Self-paced Video Content

Blast the Sexy Playlists Practice Embodied Seduction... 

while you fold the laundry or slide naked down the hall Risky Business Style.

It's your call, Babe.

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Reconnecting with your organic sexual power isn’t necessarily easy but it can be simple.

The tough part is shedding your protective layers and societal expectations.

Hi, I'm Veronica

In this workshop you will

practice embodied seduction

and the emotional honesty that modern men crave.

Trust me, my masculine clients are just as hungry for intimacy as you are my loves, but I've learned that neither of you quite knows what's missing.


In this straightforward and totally bingeworthy course, I will help you get there. Here's how:

Unpack outdated approaches

to relationship communication

that make men the villain or

the slob in your fairytale.

Then regulate your body and turn your erotic energy ALL THE WAY UP for

clearer and deeper connection.


What's in the Course?

Friends, what I love about this course is how it all flows together.
It starts with heavy hitting emotional integrity content to help you get unstuck...picks up into embodied seduction...and then we're putting devotion into action using the spicy techniques and foundation of emotional strength you learned along the way.
video workshop costs less than a 1:1
session with me and it has all of this

Unpacking codependency
Checking your communication patterns
Reflecting and processing blocks with men
Naming the real meaning of emotional availability
Activating and energizing breath work
Embodied seduction exercises
Connecting to your longing (no more shame)
Real techniques for penis pleasure
How to hold each other through the hard stuff

With bonuses like:

Tracking your cycle and your sexuality
A new perspective on consent
Fun and sexy playlists
Resources for further research...and more!

Just for fun...Here's a preview below from the SOVEREIGN portion of the workshop. This video follows the opening modules on enmeshment (aka co-dependence) and comes before the SIREN section where you will learn seduction and how to bring marry the concepts of personal accountability, clarity, and deep sensual devotion together...

psssst....I made this for women, but it could truly apply to men and anyone else who has ever been close to another human...

How Does This Course Work? 

Self-paced means you can be as juicy or be as shy and silly as you want in the privacy of your own space as you watch the videos.

Maybe you fold the laundry while you watch or maybe you dance around naked. It's your call!

Even Better...Upgrade to a Bundle for $275 and get both Siren & Sovereign AND Unlocking Pleasure for 6 Months for a total exploration of next-level intimacy and body literacy.

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