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Pleasure is the Purpose of Life. And most of us are just blowing right past it...

...or chasing shiny things.

But real ENDURING and ECSTATIC PLEASURE requires a cultivated depth and awareness that many will never learn.

If you're here in this sacred space, this loving platform I've created free of irony and birthed from the openness of my heart...I believe that you too have an openness to expand into deeper layers of intimacy and pleasure.

I see all of you here. I see how the folks who have worked with me—sometimes even those who have just experimented with one of my intro calls—start to TRANSFORM. You're slowing down. You're speaking up. You're learning to harness your own erotic life force energy through the simplest little joys.

So many of you are already on the path to Pleasure Metamorphosis and even more of you are here at the threshold, thinking about taking that first step.

Welcome, my loves. I’m thrilled that you’re here and want nothing more than to hold your hand and adoringly bear witness to the journey of your unfolding.

All you have to lose are your inhibitions and the chains that are holding you back. Love you and talk soon, pumpkins. Try Unlocking Pleasure Workshop to Get Closer to Living In Your Pleasure

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