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One Year of Epic Growth and the Foundation It is Built On

One year.

Celebrating milestones is not a strong suit of mine. I don’t like planning for them and I don’t know how to ask to be celebrated in this way.

But I’m so proud. I’m SO proud and I wanted to tell you that one year ago today (June 7, 2021) I started this account—and this business—from nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing.

I had a burning desire, training, deep life experience, and the intuition that this would all work out.

But I didn’t have a plan or a list or a launch.

I just made a post, hit publish, and never looked back.

I was nervous but grounded. I was shaking but nothing bad happened.

Feeling the fear in my body and doing it anyway was an instant up-level for my nervous system.

It took years to be able to do something that felt so risky; to be so visible.

It took months of quietly imagining and then releasing all the potential whispers of, “how dare she.”

And because I was willing to take the leap, I received the beautiful gift of being lovingly supported by so many (even unexpected) people.

My closest friends are here. The people who already listen to me chatter away on a daily basis and who definitely do not have to be here.

Also here: Ex-boyfriends…Current partners…A man I admire so much it makes me feel all squiggly inside and with whom I feel extra vulnerable sharing my work.

Y’all. My former bosses and coworkers are here. They are fancy people, y’all.

My new Internet sister friends are here.

And then there are people here who I will never meet but who have a profound relationship with my work.

And they (and you all) have been so supportive. More so than I can describe in this wee lil caption.

To be so loved is our birthright. But to allow it is a skill and requires unlearning all the ways the world tries to make us small.

For me, this is years of practice. My experience of struggle condensed is what I share with my clients to save them the extra years it might take on their own.

I did NOT wake up like this.

But I AM here now.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for being here. Thank you to the 50+ people I’ve done sessions with and most of all thank you to my small but mighty crew of regular clients.

I love you 💕


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