Men, Stop Wasting Time Trying to Heal Alone

Updated: May 15

Intimacy is a shared experience. Don’t wait until you’re on your first date with someone new to remember that rush (and possible panic).

Come do it with me AND unpack the challenges that propelled you into a healing journey to begin with.

Whether it’s a struggle to flirt or you’re stressed over some mechanical issues in the bedroom we can talk it out and see what kinds of edges you’ve got that could use a little pushing.

My 1:1 coaching can be done remotely from anywhere in the world where you’ve got a solid wi-fi connect.

All sessions are clothes-on at all times but I’m not gonna deny that the conversations can get quite steamy, often deep, and always FUN.

If TRANSFORMATION is what you’re after, I’ve got a retainer program with a 3-month minimum and a recommended 6 months of weekly time with me.

Schedule an intro session for more. 😘

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