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Men, Are You Stuck On Your Journey?

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

I see you with your books.

Trying to find the perfect juice cleanse, tapping on YouTube, swallowing up every podcast you can find.

And I get it.

But when you’re done with your deep breathing and ice bath, come towel off and sit with me a while.

And let me ask you. Are you getting any closer? Or are you sinking deeper into shame?

Is your quest for perfection—the push to FIX yourself helping?

I believe you’re doing amazing work, really I do!

But if your goal is deeper intimacy, better sex, more connected relationships, then working alone may not be they key you’re looking for.

In fact, your grinding might be giving you more places to hide…more impossible standards to (not) meet.

You may be setting yourself up for loneliness and disappointment. My love, stop torturing yourself.

And, for some of you, stop pouring money down the drain on things that might just leave you feeling empty, frustrated, or not enough.

If you’re going to invest your precious time…money…resources…invest it in something POWERFUL not piecemeal.

I am a safe investment, because you are a safe investment. And that is who I am here for…you.

As a coach I am real, present, dynamic, and ready to spot your growing edges and help you meet your goals.

A podcast cannot look you in the eyes. A book will not call you out when it’s time to course correct.

Men, I know you’re hungry for this kind of connection. A new approach. Permission to let go and trust. Schedule Your Intro Session to get started

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