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Learn to Love Your Shadow for Deep Healing, Hotter Sex, and To Manifest Love

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Is your shadow a secret? Something you’d never dare show anyone? Maybe something you don’t even show it to yourself?

Loving the shadow parts of your self is vital to self-acceptance but also key to openly, joyously receiving what you truly want.

Repressed desires and fears have a way of running the show if we’re not consciously working with them.

But don’t let that make you nervous.

Working with the shadow is less about eliminating all negativity and more about inviting all parts of you into the light to be witnessed and held.

When you do this, you might find that something you’re ashamed of can be an asset to you if honored in the right context.

And it’s about more than just *becoming the best version of yourself* …whatever that means.

Shadow work can be thrilling!

S*xually, shadow is where some people find k*nk or start having the hottest, most healing s*x of their lives. 🥵

You never know what treasures might be hiding for you if you’re willing to dig deeper.

Making friends with your shadow is a daring, juicy, edgy, tender, loving gift you can offer yourself at any time.

Are you willing to follow its siren call? Work with me:

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