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Just waiting for you to stop pushing your limits with disembodied habits...and instead...

Are you pushing yourself with disembodied habits and overwork when instead you could be channeling that energy into inspired risks and radical self belief?

Do you think you can do every chore, every activity, serve everyone without limits and that it won’t catch up with you?

Do you also happen to doubt your own personal power?

You ever wonder what the f*ck that’s about?

We’re limitless when we’re at the service of others or the ruthless systems of our culture.

But when you have to consider the freedom and expansion you’re capable of?

All of a sudden all the reckless self-belief evaporates.

Challenge for you during this busy, high-pressure season: Notice when you’re tired and pause where you can.

Challenge number two: notice negative stories about not being enough and think a little bit about where that lie is coming from.

Challenge number three: let your people love you and take care of you (and do their own dishes if you’re a mom).

Want more of this wisdom? 3-month coaching packages available. DM me or purchase at the link in my bio. The package is called MAGNETIC. 🧲

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