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In What Adorably Creative Way Will you Beat Yourself Up Today?

“Nobody appreciates me”

“I’m not allowed to feel sad because someone else has a harder time than me”

“I give and give and give and people just take advantage”

“I have to be mature and take responsibility for ALL aspects of conflicts and challenges at ALL times”

“I don’t think anyone is able to truly show up for me the way I show up for others”


Generosity is great. But are you being honest about how available you are to give…

Or, are you unclear with your boundaries and then letting the ensuing chaos mean that you’re unworthy of love and respect?


Self awareness is cool. But are you reflecting on your role and being accountable….

Or, are you looking for all the ways there is something wrong with you?

Letting people in means trusting them with your boundaries.

Loving ourselves means believing that we are worthy of having our needs met.

Intimacy means giving people space to show up for you, hear your requests, admit to their own mistakes and triggers, and repair conflicts as a team.

Your internal voice that insists that there is something wrong with you or other people is just you trying to do everything by yourself.

You don’t have to carry everything alone.

It takes a lot of practice and courage but the risk of intimacy (actual communication) is so worth it and might surprise you.

Everybody needs help with this. If you find you’re giving yourself a hard time while you show up for everyone else, maybe this is your moment to find some relief and a new strategy.

Sign up for an intro session and let’s figure it out together. 😚

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