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In Time of Intensity Call Your Energy Back to Yourself....

Your Reminder to Take Exquisite Care of Yourself...

Intimacy means that our energy may become scattered and spread out amongst our loved ones, the people we pass on the street, the colleague we argued with last week…you get the idea… As an intimacy coach, I often hear from people the most when they’re depleted, worried about what others are thinking, and during countless other moments of stress or heartache. A regular practice of calling your energy back to and around your body can help you to stay focused, regulated, and clear with your self and your people. (Check this link for a simple practice that you can easily expand on and make your own...) Other ways to cleanse and ground during times on conflict and intensity include: salt baths dance, movement, singing sleep wind on your face a walk in nature placing your hands on your body noticing and describing 5 things around you The energy out there is intense but you’re a powerhouse if you can slow your body down and feel yourself. You got this.

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