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If you have to be passive aggressive to say it...

You don't feel safe saying how you really feel...

You are not being honest with yourself...

You don't believe that you deserve what you want...

This is a trap that so many couples and intimate partners fall into and it can be a really difficult pattern to break without getting deep into the ‘why’.

Passive aggression is aggression.

It makes people feel unsafe with you and like your satisfaction is a moving target. It pushes people away and you don’t get what you really want because you aren’t living in your embodied truth.


💔You’ve had bad experiences when being direct or showing emotion.

💔 You believe people should just ‘know better’—whatever that means.

💔 You’ve been socialized to hide your own discomfort by shaming others.

💔 Somebody taught you that having needs is ‘demanding’.

💔 You don’t feel worthy of something better.

But I promise you, saying your desires vulnerably, lovingly, and directly is far kinder and less ‘demanding’ than punishing someone with confusing, sneaky remarks.

You don’t have to spend one more day in this painful unconscious loop if you don’t want to.

Reach out now about one of my solo or couples programs if you need to learn how to fearlessly embrace and understand your truth.

You can make this change and you can get what you need without aggression! 💕

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