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If You Get Triggered By Their Venting Then You Might Actually Be The One With The Problem

Maybe it’s actually pretty hard for you to listen without…

⛈ taking something personally

⛈ turning the share into a problem

⛈ internalizing the problem (what’s wrong?!)

⛈ going into panic or fixer mode

What’s that about? Do you feel unsafe or does their situation remind you of something?

Own your trigger and learn to regulate your body so you can *actually* become a better listener and connect on a more intimate level that you both can feel.

This is what I help all of my clients do better.


Have you noticed I share pretty deep relationship tips? Nothing basic over here.

This comes from deep training and experience and it’s why my clients have full blown life/changing transformations in my programs.

Check out my bio to see the ways to work with me or DM if you’re curious. Workshops are always available and 1:1 spots (an epic 6 months) are opening up now.

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