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I'm Difficult, a Lone Wolf, Avoidant, Protective, Perfectionist...

I'm talking about me this time. A coach called me prickly today. The big trigger. That I'm perceived as hard to understand and difficult (also known as hard to love). That's always my cue to hide. I can see it on their face before they even say it. That they know I haven't warmed up to them yet. That I'm not friendly or grateful or whatever energy they were hoping for. That I won't be an easy fix or win. This is the plight of the perfectionists and the lone wolfers out there who have always had to take care of ourselves. Who had to learn at a very early age that nobody was coming to do it for us. Half of the science and magic of any healing endeavor is believing that it will work for you. And that's hard for people like us. The defenses just get thicker and heavier every time someone sees us as a difficult case or picks apart some surface-level thing they see in us without going deeper.

I work with people like us because I understand this so intimately and I know that the way through your brick wall is not through judgement or problem solving, it's through understanding. REAL. DEEP. SKILLFUL. UNDERSTANDING. I see coaches making millions being in the kind of fun, easy energy that makes people want to drink the Kool-Aid. And it TOTALLY WORKS for those people! But I'm not a Kool-Aid drinker and neither are you. You don't do things the easy way....but maybe you'd really like to learn how if you could find someone safe enough to show you. Heartbreak, struggle, and going it alone have been my biggest teachers but I've spent the last several years moving out of that energy and into something more pleasurable, loving, and soft (that's probably what you see here if you're watching). I want to help you do the same but with more ease than the journey I've taken to get here. I want to save you a little bit of struggle by sharing all of my resources and my unique method and magic that is most especially effective for those tough cookies out there. Book a Breakthrough Session now to come feel held and welcomed and ask me anything you want to know about intimacy. You're not a tough case to me and I’d love to help you explore in a program with me how you can start softening to love while also being loved for exactly who you are.

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