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I Create My Own Pleasure

Make it your Mantra

Often times when I ask my clients who are socialized as women what turns them on they say,

“I don’t know.”

Just like we’ve been taught that we should wait for a man to show interest, we’ve been taught that pleasure is something we passively receive—not something we create.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a super sexy feminist on the prowl, somewhere you received this programming and it runs deep.

So how do you move beyond the shame?

First, you must know that pleasure is your birthright and understand how powerful pleasure is.

Pleasure heals.

Pleasure elevates.

You in your full embodied pleasure is probably intimidating to someone and dangerous to those who want us small, unhappy, and distracted.

When you’re in your pleasure and aware of the sensations and desires of your body, your mind gets clearer and you may become UNSTOPPABLE.

Sounds good, yes?

So how do you begin to unlock this power?

Start small. Look around and notice the colors, sounds, textures of your surroundings. Imagine a sweet voice as you read these words.

Curate the fabrics the tunes the tastes of your daily routine.

Set the tone to maximize pleasure. Don’t rush.

Then crack open some books, follow some accounts, go on your fact-finding mission to get closer to identifying the kind of intimacy you want to experience. Seek expanding images and stories.

How * What * Where * Who * Why

And if you want to really go deep into the waters of sensual pleasure, get yourself a guide.

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