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I am a healer who deals in the unseen....

I am a healer who deals in the unseen.

A doula who can safely guide younger selves and unspoken shadows into the open where they can be loved and released.

A Priestess of upheaval:

….toppling status quo and limiting beliefs…

….living in pleasure and shedding shame…

….tenderly metabolizing and composting societal expectations to create space for something new…

…mediating seemingly intractable conflicts with grace and wit…

…ushering in clarity with sharp intuition and insight…

One who knows that sexual energy is wholesome, healing, and essential and that our bodies are oracles full of wisdom.


Taking a moment to appreciate myself as the magical being that I am. I have a lot of formal training and have had an interesting life and well-rounded career.

But my medicine is my magic. Divine gifts that have always been there and that are grounded in real world experience and rational thought.

Much of the transformation you will experience in my coaching or in my Unlocking Pleasure workshop will come simply from *being* in my energy.

I hope you’ll check out my current and upcoming offers to try on this catalyzing sensual energy for yourself.

Why not begin with Unlocking Pleasure Workshop?

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