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How You Can Choose Yourself, Become More Magnetic, and Attract the Love you Desire (hint: Self-Love)

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Magnetism comes from the loving vibration of you choosing yourself again and again.

“Aren’t you a relationship coach?”

Yes AND the most important relationship you will ever have is with yourself.

I sometimes date (a lot or a little). I sometimes am in relationships. And I sometimes wade deep into the realms of 'it’s complicated'.

But I ALWAYS have me. Always.

I want to help you remember that you have you too. That you know exactly how to love yourself.

And through this intimacy with yourself you will SHOW OTHERS HOW TO LOVE YOU and meet you and see you and touch you and pamper you and desire you and daydream about your magnetic essence…and and and…

I can help you manage conflict in your relationships, feel into and negotiate boundaries, and put words to your deepest desires.

But everything always comes back to self love. Can you hold your own hand? Can you dance alone?

If you’re ready to sink into this kind of intimacy, the kind of pleasure and joy that has the power to sweep you off of your own feet in ecstasy, I suggest you take the leap now!

In my programs you will:

✨ Learn how to feel the FUCK YES in your body (learn to feel your p*ssy, yoni, c*ck light up in excitement to help you decide)

✨ Identify your emotional triggers

✨ Understand your attachment style

✨ Lean into your unique and juicy sensual expression

✨ Reclaim your scared and hidden parts (through trauma informed and empowering practices)

✨ Know and speak up for your needs

✨ Find your inner seductrex

✨ Activate Pleasure

✨ Become more available for the love you desire

Schedule an intro session:

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