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How much of your dreams can you actually handle?

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

How much discomfort can you handle?

(Disappointing others, saying ‘No’)

How much joy?

(Letting people love you, feeling satisfied and appreciated)

Can you hang with growing pains?

(Trying new things, taking the next step)

How good are you at receiving compliments?

(Do you laugh them off?)

Are you capable of getting what you want?

(can you communicate and advocate for your desires?)

My experiential intimacy coaching is geared at precisely this.

Let’s adjust your thresholds for ‘havingness’ and your capacity to thrive through challenges.

These are muscles my work is designed to stretch.

In our 3- or 6-month collaboration we’re going to:

Train your nervous system to receive

Teach you to trust yourself

Release rules and open up more possibilities

Soothe your attachment wounds

Find the real you underneath the giving

Practicing showing yourself off with pride

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