6-month Somatic Intimacy Training for in-depth 1:1 support


Harness your erotic life-force energy and claim your desires so

you can show up as the man you have always wanted to be

and learn how to have the best sex and relationships of your life

with 6 months of 1:1 Somatic Intimacy Training.

You're Not Interested in Average.

You want sacred expression in your relationships.

You know that there's so much more to intimacy than what

we've been taught and what the eye can see.


I love working with people like you.

My clients are men, women, and non-binary people who already work hard in relationships,

reflect deeply on the meanings below the surface, and are always taking care of others.

My Vision For You...

Calling Masculine Co-Creators...Are you ready to transform?

I work with men who want to own their erotic energy, not fear it. When you’re tapped into this energy, you are unstoppable and it will nourish every aspect of your life.


The great news is that you have the opportunity to try working closely with me right now with no by signing up for a Breakthrough Session. Click through to schedule now so you can get some next-level insight as early as this week.

You want to own your Masculinity but you're a caring soul and you don't want to be like "other men."

It’s not your fault that everything feels like a mystery or a landmine. You were raised in a

world that does not teach true intimacy and especially does not teach it to men.

Just like everyone else, you’re making your best guess at what women want. Maybe you feel resentful

about how much you give in relationships or frustrated that you can’t meet our seemingly impossible standards.

Or maybe you just know there's more to life than the status quo and you want to up-level your

intimacy skills whenever possible. (That's great!)

Here's the thing, women crave a thoughtful man who embodies

his own brand of confidence (not some internet dude's

alpha male nonsense); a man who can hold her through conversation, conflict, and connection.

Even if we can’t quite put our finger on what feels off, women can tell when you feel ashamed of your sexual energy or unsure of yourself. We can feel it if you’re beating yourself up or shutting down with self judgement.

Women want your sexual energy, but we need to feel your grounded presence for us to desire you. Even in casual encounters, we want to know that you're trustworthy, accepting,

and focused on more than sex.


That's why I will teach you to...

Feel more at home in your body and manage performance anxiety

Master empathy and attunement that will make your partners feel seen and satisfied

Overcome fear of failure and shift unhelpful patterns that are stopping your flow

Quit Wasting Time with Surface-Level Problem Solving and Gimmicks...

Instead, Create a unique experience of trust with me in my "Relationship Lab"

Where you will:

Get real-time, actionable feedback on your presence and communication

Rewire your nervous system to be more calm, confident, and calibrated to your environment

Practice flirting, initiating, and spicy conversations

Learn practical techniques for better sex

My specialized relationship training and somatic approach will get you unstuck from the hamster wheel of your thinking mind and help you regulate your nervous system faster than other methods that emphasize analysis and storytelling. (Hey, if talking about the thing over and over worked, we'd all be fixed by now!)

 Try an Intro Session to learn more about my 6-Month MAGNETIC Program and

 get one step closer to Becoming a More Confident Dater, Partner, and Lover.

In Three Months...

A 3-month container is a perfect intro to the work…an opportunity to wake up to and talk about a specific desire in a shame-free environment, bring awareness to a pattern, or have fun practicing one particular skill set (like talking about your kinky wishes or getting better dates for example). This is where people will start to wonder what's different about you...

In 6 Months....

A 6-month container is your playground to transform and actually begin to embody the things that you learn in the first 3 months. This is the pathway to releasing shame and taking the lead in your own life. You will comfortably sink into your vision of yourself and step into your authentic masculine power that people will LOVE to be around. You'll feel so natural in this state that you'll forget how it even felt before you began and you wouldn't even THINK about turning back now.

You will also...


  • Learn how to deepen and repair relationships

  • Build capacity to give and receive pleasure more freely, feel more trust in relationship, and move toward secure attachment

  • Keep the light of your erotic energy turned on and inviting without overwhelming so people feel magnetized to you and comfortable in your presence....finally stop worrying about being "too much" or "not enough"

You’re welcome to start with 3 months, but if you know you’re all in, 6 months is a better deal and brings so much more spaciousness to your journey.

Payment Plans Available! (Monthly and Extended)

More About Your Coach
How Do I Know This Will Work?

Hi! I'm Veronica! I'm a Certified Sex and Relationship Coach

I support people all over the internet via Zoom.

(Check out my About and FAQ for more info)

Equally comfortable with science and the spiritual, I’m able to distill complex knowledge into something digestible and potent that will be paced to your individual needs and comfort level.

There are no esoteric texts or stuffy lessons for you to process. I’m blending all that I’ve learned and all that I intuitively feel into something you can actually use right now. You will come away from every session energized and with actionable feedback.

If you’re here, I know that you’re the kind of man who is growth-oriented and always seeking answers--whether it’s in the books you’re reading, trying out all sorts of meditation techniques, or frequent late-night google searches. As a recovering perfectionist myself and forever healing fanatic, I get you, I know how to help you, and I will deliver radical honesty and unconditional acceptance to you in a way that you will find is simply unrivaled in the ordinary world.

My specialized relationship training and somatic approach will get you unstuck from the hamster wheel of your thinking mind and help you regulate your nervous system faster than other methods that emphasize analysis and storytelling. (Hey, if talking about the thing over and over worked, we'd all be fixed by now!)

I'm also straight up fun to talk to and can tenderly bring even the most nervous man out of his shell. Promise.

What's Included? 



Three Zoom sessions a month (60 minutes each)

Personalized text and voice support between sessions

Bonus Access to Women and Couple's Pleasure Video Workshop

Human Design report for an overview of your unique energy blueprint

Paid in full: $3600 for 6 months or $2000 for 3 months

Payment plans available!


Here are just a handful of reviews from past and current clients:

"I've been surprised by how “easy” it feels. The work is not easy, but the way Veronica facilitates the sessions is so skillful. I learn so much about interaction and connection in such a short amount of time, every time."


"Before I started working with [Veronica] I thought of dating like a game--something I could intellectualize. [Veronica has] shown me how to be authentically myself and how that can foster real, intimate connection. I feel very comfortable with [Veronica] in a way that I have not experienced with anyone else."




"All of my married friends could use this work. [Veronica has] made such noticeable difference in my life already after just 4 weeks....Knowing I have this time with you helps me to not overreact when I fight with my wife."


"I can share things with [Veronica] that I would never tell another person, especially a woman, because I'd be afraid of being judged or having the story turned on me."


"I’ve been in and out of therapy for many years with many different therapists. Coaching with Veronica has worked better and faster than anything I have tried."


"Veronica helped me through the hardest moment of my life. I've had a lot of therapists, but Veronica's coaching is different. It's more intimate (obviously), but really it's about the fact that she is wiser than any therapist I've had. She challenges me, but she also cares about me in a real way. She's patient, she's flirty, and she's firm in her resolve. Perhaps most importantly, she taught me to cry. I can't recommend her enough--though I'm reluctant to because I want to keep her to myself."


"I felt completely at ease. Veronica is engaging, both physically and spiritually, and her energy radiates through the screen."


"I finally plucked up the courage to share my more innate desires and kinks with my partner...and I was met with so much support, encouragement and excitement. So I wanted to say thank you so much for your help - the unlocking pleasure videos, our session[s] and your Instagram posts built up my confidence to be brave and battle through the shame :) I think I was hiding behind 'not knowing' how I could experience more pleasure as it was less vulnerable, but deep down I had the answers all along and just needed to communicate!"


"Veronica has a presence about her that gently invites vulnerability. From the jump I knew I was safe with her. It was easy for me to share aspects of my personal story with Veronica and receive the genuine care and compassion that she was able to offer. She’s someone who contains an abundance of capacity. I felt seen, acknowledged, and understood."

A Rare Invitation to Embrace Your Version of Magnetic Masculinity

The Time is Now