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Program for Couples
6 Months of In-Depth, Customized Support

"We got more out of our sessions with Veronica than any couples therapy we have had and in much less time. Veronica holds amazing space." R&D - Texas

Your partner longs to be understood. They want to feel your

sensuality, your presence, and your joy. 


This work will free you from old patterns and help you express yourself

vulnerably and authentically to your partner.


Reset the foundation of your relationship with clearer

communication and deeper awareness. 

"Better quality and more intimate and experienced than every certified relationship therapist I have ever been to." Emily - Ann Arbor, MI

The Transformation:

  • Be more confident communicators and lovers

  • Feel safe to fully express emotions 

  • Shift unhelpful patterns that are stopping your flow

  • Move beyond tantrums and passive aggression

  • Master attunement and empathetic listening

  • Become more present in your life and with each other

The Embodiment:

  • Face your fear of conflict with guided repair conversations

  • Embrace your desires and get more of what you want from sex

  • Learn practical techniques for better sex

  • Keep the light of your erotic energy turned on

  • Communicate boundaries and requests lovingly

  • Practice trust and secure attachment

The Experience:

  • Go beyond traditional talk therapy

  • Text support between sessions

  • Custom-to-you guided embodiment exercises

  • Role play real-life scenarios and fantasies

  • Real-time feedback on your presence and communication skills

The Container:

MAGNETIC 3-6 Months

Three Zoom sessions a month (60 minutes)

Access to text support via the Voxer app
Magnetic Paid in full: $5000 for 6 months or $3000 for 3 months 






All packages come with Bonus Access to Unlocking Pleasure Self-Paced Workshop!


For those seeking more support and deeper, more profound growth,

please inquire about customizable options.



"I finally plucked up the courage to share my more innate desires and kinks with my partner...and I was met with so much support, encouragement and excitement. So I wanted to say thank you so much for your help - the unlocking pleasure videos, our session[s] and your Instagram posts built up my confidence to be brave and battle through the shame :) I think I was hiding behind 'not knowing' how I could experience more pleasure as it was less vulnerable, but deep down I had the answers all along and just needed to communicate!"



"All of my married friends could use this work. [Veronica has] made such noticeable difference in my life already after just 4 weeks."



"Knowing I have this time with you helps me to not overreact when I fight with my wife."


"I can share things with [Veronica] that I would never tell another person, especially a woman, because I'd be afraid of being judged or having the story turned on me."


"I felt completely at ease. Veronica is engaging, both physically and spiritually, and her energy radiates through the screen."


"Veronica helped me through the hardest moment of my life. I've had a lot of therapists, but Veronica's coaching is different. It's more intimate (obviously), but really it's about the fact that she is wiser than any therapist I've had. She challenges me, but she also cares about me in a real way. She's patient, she's flirty, and she's firm in her resolve. Perhaps most importantly, she taught me to cry. I can't recommend her enough--though I'm reluctant to because I want to keep her to myself."

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