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How Even Givers Make This Mistake In Love...

This just needs to be said. Love is not a thing you "get" from someone. Are you treating Love as something transactional or like a thing that you can extract from someone without knowing it? Are you perpetually upset about all the love that you're not getting from others? Even when you're constantly giving yourself? Overcoming this feeling is the most important lesson that I teach. But you have to really listen and be open to understanding to receive it. This is the foundation of all of my programs, the lesson underlying so many of the practices for attraction and thriving relationships... You’re allowed to be frustrated and disappointed by where you’re at or by how hard dating can be. (It’s so hard! And maybe the relationship that you're in is not great...) But once expressed, I want you to consider nature and the way that nature simply *is*. Think of the way that nature holds you and shows you it’s beauty regardless of your mood or whether you’ve done anything for nature lately. Think of the unconditional support of nature draws you in...the beauty that is yours to admire and observe without extracting from its resources. Can you be like nature when you move through the world? Can you show up as the embodiment of love, regardless of what may be given to you in return? Maybe you and your partner are struggling, but how are you showing up with others? With yourself? Can you move as if you are love itself and brighten up anyone's day? This is the essence of desirable and magnetic people. Someone who is as loving and gentle with a bad date or the mail carrier as they are with someone who has swept them off their feet. This is a skill you can learn and the foundation of what you will learn from me. Bonus! Learn it with boundaries so you don’t default to over giving or stay in dynamics that aren’t the right fit for you. Come practice with me in a first time client breakthrough session. (Only $55!) -Veronica aka Indelicate Coaching P.S. Curious about longer-term programs? Let me help you deepen your practice now and help you create space for your intimate expansion so that... In 3 months, your mind and heart are opened… In 6 months, you’re interrupting patterns… In 12 months, you’re a leader in your own life and your relationships are thriving!

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